Enhance Your Analysis with Crowdsourcing!

The Everybody Counts Smart M.App is launching as a conservation tool, but can also be deployed in agricultural analysis, city studies, demographic analysis or any other application where an unskilled or a motivated public can collect sightings which builds models through data-collection at a very low cost and gives a central view of events provides valuable analytical insight. 

The Everybody Counts Smart M.App is an end-to-end turn-key process for crowd-sourcing sightings of interest. The public through the use of existing social platforms and groups such as Whatsapp can easily submit sightings. The sightings are dynamically displayed by the Everybody Counts Smart M.App. The Data points can be analyzed and edited directly within the Smart M.App as well as exported in common spreadsheet formats. The information extracted from this analysis can be used to better understand sighting patterns and improve planning.

Everybody Counts: My Safari – IGNITE Honorable Mention

Count everything from frogs to ferns with this crowd-sourcing solution.

IGNITE Winner Webcast Series

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