Precision Agriculture Apps – Build or Buy?

See how easy it can be to build custom-tailored apps for Precision Ag use.

In recent years, precision agriculture has been driven by technological innovation to a point that surveys estimate almost half of all growers utilize some kind of precision agricultural practice in their operations. As technology advances further, precision agriculture solutions are being converted into apps to provide more readily accessible and customized services to growers. This webcast will discuss this emerging trend and provide insight into the build versus buy decision that many precision agriculture practitioners are faced with.

Webcast Highlights:

  • We will discuss how agricultural service providers can enable easy visualization of crop health and optimization of fertilizer applications, in order to help growers increase crop yield.
  • Find out about Hexagon Geospatial’s leading-edge image processing and analytic platforms for delivering precision agriculture solutions.
  • Agriculture service providers will learn about a platform and template for quickly creating applications to deploy their expertise in precision agriculture solutions across their user base. 

Agriculture Solutions

Find out more about how Hexagon Geospatial can help streamline agriculture workflows using robust image analysis or customizable apps.