Strengthen and Streamline Your Geospatial Processes for Census and Electoral Projects

Two events of high significance take place in any country in the region: Population censuses and elections of government authorities. Both issues are intrinsically related to the territory due to logistics and operation issues, and the results of both are strategic for the present and future development of nations.

Hexagon Geospatial develops software tools and platforms that allow citizen organizations and the government to be involved in the most serious census and electoral processes in the organization, execution and presentation of the results of these events. Watch this webcast on-demand to see the strategic importance of geospatial workflows for census and electoral projects and key aspects for knowledge and technology agility in Hexagon’s latest in geographic information systems and geospatial boards.

Hexagon Smart M.App

Hexagon Smart M.Apps® provide a powerful, yet simple way to incorporate dynamic analysis into intelligent maps which not only model the world as it is, but as it will be.