Compress imagery into ECW format using GeoCompressor

GeoCompressor is a powerful application for compressing geospatial images. The throughput of more than 180 MB/sec can be seen on commercially available hardware and terapixel output images. This makes this product the most powerful mosaic and compression tool on the market, regardless of the size and amount of images.

  • Compress the existing database to 5-10% of its original size with no visual loss. Save your storage space and money!
  • Image compression supports Windows 10 - 64 bit and can convert 100 different file types in Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) or JPEG2000 (JP2) files. These files are easily supported by the Luciad technology also
  • Compress terapixel large images into a single mosaic
  • Fastest compression and decompression rates in the industry
  • Easily update an area within an existing mosaic with no need to recreate the mosaic each time you modify it