Digital Transformation in Transportation in the Age of COVID-19 Webinar

The transportation industry is facing unprecedented challenges in the age of COVID-19. Most sectors have been impacted by a rapid decline in global demand for passenger travel, significant budget short-falls due to lost revenue, and the need for major operational changes due to shelter-in-place orders, travel restrictions, and social distancing requirements.

The pandemic has been a catalyst — and accelerant — for broad socio-economic change, deeply transforming our daily lives and the way that businesses operate. Workflows need to be digitized, simplified, and automated. More work needs to be done remotely, requiring new levels of web-based collaboration, data access, and security. Mobile workers may now be required to perform tasks remotely rather than visiting sites for costly and lengthy inspections.

This webinar will explore the digital transformation in transportation and outline specific example cases where location intelligence is enabling customers to achieve new levels of safety and productivity.