How can you improve your university’s website, keep students safe, and increase your ROI? Google it!

Watch Our Webinar On-Demand

Explore the ways Google can add value to your campus map and website and keep students safer from threats like COVID-19. Let Google’s technology and rich data content help keep your campus smart and secure.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Google Maps Platform and its capabilities. The webinar will focus on four university and campus-based use cases:

  • Share a “find your way to campus” map aimed at guiding visitors and students to campus, right from wherever they live.
  • Offer a detailed campus map that helps students and visitors to get around campus and find parking, food, and other campus resources.
  • Support eCommerce and online form submission by using Google’s Autocomplete API for address data entry. Autocomplete improves the user experience by reducing the number of keystrokes required and improves data quality by having addresses entered in a standard form.
  • Manage the impact of COVID-19 by using Google’s APIs to show which buildings are open and closed and their capacity limits. Google Maps also supports location tracking through mobile applications.