How to Save Time and Storage Space with Industry-Leading Imagery Compression

Twenty years on from the first ECW file format release a lot has changed across the Geospatial industry. Many novel, and not so novel image storage strategies have come and gone. New datatypes such as 3D and point-clouds have also appeared however managing Geospatial Imagery or Earth Observation data remains one of the most challenging aspects in terms of its relative size, cost and accessibility for many business types.

Selecting an appropriate storage format can yield significant organizational efficiencies through reduced storage requirements, data duplication and removal of unnecessary data translation. ECW continues to drive these efficiencies and remains the most efficient format balancing the demands of speed, quality and size. Unlike the old adage of “Pick two”, you can indeed choose all three with ECW.

Join me in the webinar and find out how this core technology and associated products enable customers globally to compress mind-boggling amounts of geospatial imagery on commodity hardware and how easily you too can take advantage. ECW remains as relevant as ever in 2020.