IMAGINE Artificial Intelligence Improving Your Remote Sensing Projects

The amount of data being collected is rapidly increasing, which puts pressure on remote sensing specialists and analysts. But what if massive amounts of imagery could be filtered down to just the critical data that you need? And what if you could easily set up the workflows that could make that happen?

Enter the power of deep learning and spatial modeling in ERDAS IMAGINE. With deep learning and spatial modeling, you can fully automate your workflows and reduce the time between data acquisition and action. With deep learning, the algorithms can be trained to automatically ingest and process ever-growing amounts of data – taking the load off you and your colleagues. With the Spatial Modeler in ERDAS IMAGINE, you can easily build your own geoprocesses. It provides you with hundreds of functions, algorithms, and analytical routines that can easily be chained together into models that solve complex problems.

Attend the webinar and learn how to maximize your productivity with deep learning, Spatial Modeler, and more in ERDAS IMAGINE. Watch live demonstrations of advanced remote sensing analysis like feature collection, object recognition, and change detection.