Mobile Alert Webinar

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is threatening communities across the world. Getting information to the right person quickly can both protect and save lives. Communication between the general public and authorities is key, but sharing of actionable information isn’t always easy.

Hexagon’s Mobile Alert can aid in reducing the burden on critical services during this crisis. Mobile Alert is a cloud-based service that provides crowd-sourced location information to subscribing organizations, such as local governments. Citizens can download and use Mobile Alert on iOS and Android devices for free to send information to authorities, such as locations where there is a shortage of supplies or where social distancing rules are not being observed.

By offering citizen reporting of non-critical issues using the mobile app, crisis management phone lines are offloaded and thus available for critical life or health issues. It also provides citizens with an opportunity to help their communities.

Hexagon is offering free trials and discounted subscriptions of Mobile Alert to local governments and service providers to help communities during this event. Join this webinar to learn how authorities can benefit from citizen reporting of COVID-19 related issues.