Insights for Smart Cities: Combining IoT Sensors and Applications for Better Situational Awareness

Internet of Things M.App Enterprise

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are powering Smart City initiatives around the world. These applications give city leaders, municipal agencies, and other stakeholders the ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control devices for better situational awareness. IoT applications and sensors are also creating new insights and actionable information by combining historic data with live streams of big data in real time.

Platforms like Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise provide an easy way to create powerful solutions for situational awareness that combine IoT sensors, spatial data, business and operational information and workflows, and more. These solutions can help cities manage all types of challenges related to public services and infrastructure. For example, monitoring manhole covers has become a new and increasingly complex challenge for cities. Missing manhole covers pose a tremendous safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians with the potential to cause car accidents, injuries, and even death. From a security perspective, they enable access to critical assets like utilities and telecommunications infrastructure.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how cities can configure IoT-based situational awareness solutions, such as a manhole cover monitoring application, by:

  • Combining 3D city data with real-time sensor data into a single dashboard
  • Easily setting up alert notifications and response workflows when sensors observe abnormalities
  • Efficiently monitoring and updating the status of sensors in real-time

Stefanie Ellinger, Solution Engineer, Hexagon