GeoMedia PDF

GeoMedia PDF is an add-on to GeoMedia Desktop (Essentials, Advantage, or Professional tier) that allows you to create highly intelligent georeferenced PDF files from map sheets in the layout window of a GeoMedia GeoWorkspace. Adobe Reader 8 or higher is used to view the resulting PDF files. GeoMedia PDF includes the following commands:

The Layers command allows you to organize your PDF layers in the way that you would like them to appear in the exported geospatial PDF file. You can also set the minimum or maximum display scale for each layer.

The Attributes command allows you to specify which feature class attributes and their associated fields are embedded in the exported geospatial PDF file. The attributes you specify are searchable and identifiable in the Adobe Reader software.

The CMYK command allows you to specify that the exported geospatial PDF file is based on the CMYK color model rather than the RGB color model. Through this menu option you can create a custom color mapping file to ensure exact control over the conversion of the RGB color model to the CMYK color model.

The Metadata command allows you to embed an external .XMP metadata file in the exported geospatial PDF file.

The Export command allows you to export a single active map sheet to a single geospatial PDF file, or multiple active map sheets to multiple geospatial PDF files. You can specify the output options for raster resolution and compression, and map resolution that properly balance the exported geospatial PDF file size with the quality.

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