Hexagon Geospatial M.App Enterprise to Be Available from EO DIAS Platform

23 May 2018

May 23, 2018 – The European Space Agency recently signed contracts with four industry consortia to develop Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) platforms, providing unlimited, free access to Copernicus data and information access services. Hexagon Geospatial established a close cooperation with the consortia developing the EO DIAS platform. This cooperation opens the possibility of establishing value-added Third-Party services based on Hexagon Geospatial's M.App Enterprise and other M.App Portfolio products, such as M.App X, to be hosted on the EO DIAS platform.

EO DIAS is led by Polish company, Creotech Instruments, and the consortium includes CloudFerro, WIZIPISI (Wroclaw institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence – a trusted Hexagon Geospatial partner), Sinergise, Geomatis, and Eversis. The EO DIAS platform will operate a large cloud IT infrastructure, provided by CloudFerro, optimized to browse, search, provide and process large amounts of earth observation data. The storage capacity includes up to 30 PB for EO open data, supplemented on demand by other complementary data sets. This vast repository will be co-located with a dedicated IaaS cloud modular infrastructure for the platform’s users, allowing customized processing activities to be established in close proximity to the stored data. The EO DIAS storage will be synchronized with main ESA repositories, so the data acquired by Copernicus Hub and contributing missions becomes available within a few hours after its publication by ESA.

“M.App Enterprise is a perfect complement for the EO DIAS platform,” says Hexagon Geospatial President, Mladen Stojic. “It provides an environment to build scalable and lightweight vertical applications, fusing geospatial analytics with content derived from Copernicus and other imagery content providers.”

Data sources can also include large vector datasets, stored in standard geospatial databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and PostGIS. Hexagon Geospatial partners and other Third-Party companies looking to create innovative applications on top of Copernicus data within the DIAS front office, will find an optimized environment to develop and deploy their own open or commercial services using Copernicus data - processed and published with Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App Enterprise. Planetek Italia, is the first Hexagon Geospatial partner taking advantage of this initiative, by deploying Smart M.Apps based on Rheticus® services, such as Rheticus® Wildfire, from EO DIAS.

“Cooperation with Hexagon Geospatial opens the possibility of establishing value-added services based on Hexagon's M.App Portfolio technology on top of the EO DIAS platform,” says Krzysztof Myslakowski, from Creotech Instruments. “This initiative stays in line with EO DIAS strategy of deploying state of the art technologies within the front office, to facilitate much easier development of end-user applications and services, and it’s perfectly aligned with the concept of making EO DIAS unique in catering for needs of all customers regardless of their EO domain competence, size and organizational maturity.”

The DIAS platforms are expected to be operational by the end of June 2018, making it easier for users to develop Copernicus-based applications and services that provide the added value of combining EO technologies with other data sources, across different market segments. 



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