Public Safety

What We Do

Understand When and Where Incidents Occur

Visualize where and when incidents most often occur to improve planning and response.

Increase Safety and Operational Efficiency

Understand evolving unsafe conditions and their impact on communities.

Emergency and Disaster Management

Deliver effective response under challenging conditions when response time is critical.

Our Technology In Action

Map-Based View for Law
Enforcement Monitoring

Probation and parole officers who track individuals wearing GPS devices can fulfill their monitoring duties affordably using Hexagon’s expertise with Google Maps APIs.

Crowdsource Information

Enable local citizens to identify and report damage resulting from unsafe conditions.

Incorporate Live Video in the Command Center

Ensure that you have real-time information needed to make critical decisions.

Smart City Real-Time Information for Public Safety

Hexagon helps local governments and law enforcement gain access to real-time location information to quickly identify threats and maintain safe communities.

A Safer Olympic Games

Authorities use location-based data to proactively manage emergency plans and improve effectiveness in public safety.

Fighting Dangerous Hogweeds with Crowdsourced Data

Toxic hogweeds can burn, blister, or scar skin, as well as cause blindness. See how citizens and municipalities can work together to monitor and eliminate them.

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