Hexagon Geospatial Announces Big Data Enhancements for M.App Enterprise

Smart M.App Platform Showcases Vastly Improved Feature Rendering and Analytics

15 June 2017
M.App X

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 16, 2017 – Citing M.App Enterprise as a platform that breaks the boundaries of traditional GIS applications, Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic announced enhancements to this platform for rendering and analyzing big data. Organizations continue to collect geospatial data to help them make smarter decisions, they need a powerful and dynamic way to analyze the data. Cloud operations like the Hexagon Smart M.App are an obvious answer, but many organizations seek an alternative to putting their data on the public cloud.

M.App Enterprise provides an answer to both the Big Data analysis problem and the privacy issue by enabling on-premises development and hosting of Hexagon Smart M.Apps. Organizations easily build custom apps for users based on their roles and how they use the apps, such as a rich-client app for an editor to digitize and edit features, a browser app for an analyst to run analytics on their data, and even apps for mobile users the field.

 “M.App Enterprise lets organizations keep their data in-house while building and using Hexagon Smart M.Apps,” said Mladen Stojic. “Even more importantly, it breaks through the traditional one-size-fits-all model that dictates that all users of an application need a seat of the exact same application, even if their roles require that they perform different tasks.”

At HxGN LIVE, major improvements in the way M.App Enterprise handles feature data were demonstrated. “Because we had reached the limits with traditional browser-based vector data rendering, we redefined our rendering technologies,” said Markus Holler, Product Line Director of M.App Enterprise. “With this release of M.App Enterprise, the vector rendering supports all browsers without plug-ins, and users can now quickly and easily render several hundred thousand geometries.”

To help organizations quickly scale up their analysis, M.App Enterprise now also includes an out-of-the-box feature analyzer tool. This tool allows organizations to perform robust on-demand analytics with extensive business intelligence charts. This provides a simple, easy way for non-geospatial experts to ask the relevant questions of their data that can provide the insight they need to solve their specific challenges.

M.App Enterprise gives organizations the big data tools they need to streamline their workflows, harness the power of targeted, industry-specific Smart M.Apps, and maintain strict control of their data through on-premises deployment.

To find out more about how M.App Enterprise can help your organization tackle big data and specialized needs, watch this webcast.


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