Lead Support Engineer, Belgium

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The job is at the crossroads of technology, communication and customer support. You will take the lead in Luciad's support organization, and will cooperate with many people throughout the company.

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Luciad delivers geospatial software solutions that power the world’s mission critical operations. Our applications simplify the lives of developers and end users with advanced visual analytics that allow them to unlock the potential of real time location intelligence and create the foundations for next generation geospatial systems.

From safeguarding critical assets to creating the digital infrastructure for smart cities, we help users implement intuitive command and control systems. Our customers depend on Luciad for high performance visualization that allows them to implement scalable solutions.

To make sure that our customers can build first-rate applications, Luciad's support organization is currently staffed by product software engineers. They ensure that developers that uses our products get direct, high-quality answers.

We are currently looking for a Lead Support Engineer

Is it a match?

The job is at the crossroads of technology, communication and customer support. You will take the lead in Luciad's support organization, and will cooperate with many people throughout the company. Specifically, this means:

  • You address customer questions directly, mostly by e-mail. You provide high-tech support to developers working on Java and JavaScript (JS) client and server applications
  • You coordinate with engineering on advanced topics
  • Frequently having to ask "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" is NOT part of the job.
  • You propose, write and coordinate content for Luciad's online documentation platform (FAQ, tips & tricks, and so on)
  • You provide input to product management to ensure that all support feedback is considered in the product road map
  • You coordinate with the Luciad training department on recurring questions that could be addressed in training
  • You coordinate with sales and customer service departments on issue resolution and planning. You also coordinate the content and timing of patch releases with engineering.
  • You report on product support to management

You are a full member of the research & development team. At the same time, you will play a central role at the company, bringing you into contact with many Luciad people and many customer domains, and preparing you for interesting growth paths in directions such as engineering or product management.

Is it you we are looking for?

You love being challenged constantly by a large variety of interesting technical problems. You are able to take charge of those questions and problems, and you can work with a wide range of tools, including development tools, to resolve them successfully.

You can identify recurring issues with high-tech products and product documentation, and spot problem patterns. For high-profile issues, you are able to efficiently coordinate follow-up with multiple Luciad parties for a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in IT or engineering, or equivalent experience.
  • Development experience is an asset, particularly if you enjoy tracing issues in code.
  • You communicate effectively and positively in written and spoken English, and in at least one other Western European language (French, German, Spanish, Dutch ...).
  • You value customer satisfaction, are driven by consensus and always display a helpful and positive attitude.
  • You have the ability to work independently: this is a new role, which you should shape and develop proactively.

Work With Us

We have a bottom-up approach, so your input and ideas will always play a crucial role on our company’s bottom-line.

You will quickly see the impact of your work in real-life, not just in reports.

You will enjoy working in a highly entrepreneurial environment, without rigid processes & long approval flows.

We are a highly talented international team of top-notch experts and learn from each other every day.