Maritime is a dynamic industry that requires geospatial visualization, regulation, and safety management. Hexagon Geospatial’s maritime technology provides real-time analytics and intelligence for both commercial and military personnel, leading to a smart digital reality and unparalleled situational clarity for those at sea.

What We Do

Vessel Traffic Insight

Whether you’re enforcing regulations or acquiring data on how your competition is conducting operations, benefit from real-time analytics of vessel movements.

Environmental Protection

Monitor sea operations across organizations to discover and prevent pollution-causing activities and practices.

Coast Guard Systems

From training and simulation to port security and combat management, be informed with up-to-date intelligence and prepared to face new threats.

Our Technology In Action

Gain an Edge

Access automatic tracking system (AIS) data to understand competitors’ fleet movements and optimize your own operations.

Detect Illegal Fishing Practices

Using our solutions, client Capgemini built a tool to identify unusual behaviour at sea, such as load transfers between ships in the middle of the ocean.

Seamless Data Sharing

Our Luciad Portfolio Team participated in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) study on the benefits of geospatial standards and efficient polar data exchange.

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