Geospatial Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations


At Hexagon, we see a future where data is leveraged to help humanity and sustainability thrive. To help us realize that vision, eligible nonprofit organizations can request special discounted pricing on geospatial software. 

Think your organization might be eligible for the Hexagon Geospatial Nonprofit Discount Pricing Program? Here are a few areas and activities to help you determine if you qualify:   

  • Promotion of education
  • Promotion of social and welfare care 
  • Promotion of cultural and historical activities 
  • Promotion of nature and environmental protection 
  • Other charitable purposes, with the aim of promoting the common good 
Check out our Eligibility Guidelines.

Leverage Flexible Location Information with the M.App Portfolio

Organizations need a way to seamlessly incorporate location intelligence into their enterprise systems and workflows. Our M.App Portfolio provides a platform that connects to systems and data, allowing your organization to quickly configure and stand up flexible, lightweight, browser-based applications featuring 2D and 3D data and business intelligence tools to provide location-based business insight. 

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Create Your Own Geospatial Answers with the Power Portfolio

Geospatial experts have relied on our technology for decades. From Remote Sensing and GIS to Photogrammetry and Cartography technologies, our Power Portfolio provides your organization with industry-leading tradecraft for creating your own geospatial workflows and work products.  

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Build Custom Geospatial Applications with the Luciad Portfolio 

Complete situational awareness within an organization provides unparalleled insight. With access to our Luciad Portfolio, developers can build custom applications that help organizations visualize and analyse their data in 2D and 3D. This toolkit of fast and powerful building blocks is powered by GPU processing and the freedom to design solutions to meet organizations’ individual needs. 

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