While their missions are diverse, many utility industries have common key requirements. When it comes to ensuring effective planning, management, and operations of vast and sprawling assets, they require a comprehensive software platform capable of delivering real business intelligence.

What We Do

Detect Issues Remotely

Analyze and visualize data sources like high resolution imagery and LiDAR to spot network encroachments and breaks, and send crews precisely where needed.

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Deliver dynamic content and interactive maps to stakeholders who need detailed information for collaboration and real-time decision making.

Extend Your Information Reach

Provide access to critical information internally, externally, and to the public as necessary.

Our Technology In Action

Enhancing Asset Management with LiDAR

Use LiDAR data to capture and edit vector-based asset models to minimize risks.

Monitoring Utility Networks

The Rheticus geoinformation service platform monitors vertical displacement on the ground to identify potential problems in water and sewage pipelines.

Analyze Outage Response Information

Visualize where and when outages are occurring to identify patterns and predict problems in utility service areas.

Street Lighting Network Survey

NeMea Sistemi inventories street light infrastructure network in Carloforte, Italy.

Quickly Build Custom Solutions

A geospatial consultant builds a sewer system monitoring app at a three day M.Appathon event using Smart M.App technology.

Detecting Land Subsidence

Planetek Italia uses data from space to monitor the health of underground infrastructure.

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