GeoFarmer – IGNITE Honorable Mention

Jens Hiestermann – South Africa

Location-Based Agricultural Reports

Is a field fallow, emerging, or harvested? Download a map and report with the agricultural info for your specified location

Examine Month-to-Month Growth per Field

Create a change map to examine the in-field change in crop growth between two consecutive calendar dates.

Monitor Changes in Fields

Create a change map to determine the crop growth variation within multiple fields for a single calendar date.

Hear from Jens Hiestermann

Jens shares how the GeoFarmer can communicate information about crop health in an easily understandable way.

GeoFarmer Demo

This demo shows how GeoFarmer helps understand regional climatic data, provisions detailed crop growth information and provides the status of current crop growth.

Try or Buy GeoFarmer!

GeoFarmer - A Monthly Crop Monitoring Tool is available for a free trial or purchase on the M.App Exchange.