Smart Cities

Smart Cities fuse geographic sensor data with business information, transforming domain knowledge and customer workflows into an intelligent information ecosystem, enabling cities to quickly sense, decide, and act as the city grows.

What We Do

Infrastructure Management

Managing the constantly growing and changing infrastructure of a city calls for a spatial information management system.

Data Driven Urban Planning

Transform complex data into business intelligence to improve productivity and assist in planning for sustainable growth.

Applied Citizen Engagement

Empower citizens to play an active role within the community and collaborate with policy makers on urban issues.

Our Technology In Action

Building Smart Cities Through Integrated GIS

Discover how Hexagon Geospatial partner Cyient is helping the government of Telangana, India with their Smart City initiatives.

Business Intelligence for Smart Cities

Learn how Hexagon Smart M.Apps can help Smart Cities keep citizens informed and safe, and monitor environmental impacts.

Centralized Asset Management System

Mornington Peninsula Shire manages assets through an interoperable information system using GeoMedia Smart Client.

Real-Time Platform Translates Data to Answers

Hexagon Smart M.Apps provide real-time data analytics in a dynamic, interactive dashboard view for policymakers in the Netherlands.

Hexagon Smart M.Apps for Smarter Cities

Learn how geospatial technology plays an important role in building Smarter Cities and enables smarter decision-making for the future.

Luciad: Geospatial Situational Awareness

Visualize airplane, ground, and air movements as the basis for creating the digital infrastructure of smart cities.

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