Interactive Map Highlights Secretary of State’s Travels

PI_Novtel_Airplane_on tarmac

The Need for a Public Map

The U.S. Secretary of State is the nation’s chief diplomat and head of the foreign service. The U.S. State Department wanted to educate the public about the (now former) Secretary of State’s foreign travels and efforts in diplomacy. It needed a map-based tool to highlight these efforts, with an immediate due date ahead of the secretary’s first scheduled trip.

A Solution for Visualizing Travel

Using Google Maps Platform, Hexagon developed an interactive travel map for the State Department capable of visualizing the secretary’s travel information and enabling department staff to quickly add new trip information as needed. The map allowed users to see where the secretary was at any given time, calculated miles traveled (per trip and cumulatively), displayed photos from the road, linked to the secretary’s remarks and blog, and integrated with the department’s social media.

Millions of Visits Per Year

Millions of users visited the map each year during the secretary’s term in office. The secretary logged 956,733 miles and visited 112 countries, all captured in the interactive travel map.