LuciadFusion: An All-in-One Server Solution for Geospatial Data Management

Luciad software

LuciadFusion is an all-in-one server solution for your data publication workflows and geospatial data management.
LuciadFusion lets you manage your data intelligently, store and process a multitude of data formats and feed data to numerous applications, putting the power of your data at your fingertips. Features including powerful automatic cataloging and quick and easy data publishing allow you to design, portray, process, and set up advanced maps in a few simple clicks.

Connect Directly to More Than 200 Data Sources

The Luciad Portfolio server solution offers intuitive data management for non-GIS specialists and fast data processing on any operating system. LuciadFusion lets you organize your data so that all users have one-click access to a data set specifically optimized for their needs. Connecting directly to more than 200 data formats, the ready-to-use server solution installs quickly so you can begin processing large volumes of data, fetching regular updates, and publishing an impressive number of data formats. The LuciadFusion Studio web interface component provides you with a friendly user interface with an integrated data preview that lets you publish data with just a few clicks. 

Organize, Manage, and Centrally Serve Geospatial Data

LuciadFusion manages data distribution centrally so that users can access data quickly and efficiently. LuciadFusion automatically configures the most appropriate settings for data fusion, and feature data can be pre-configured, fused and distributed with very detailed feature filtering and styling information. This information is stored as OGC-compliant Symbology Encoding (SE) information.

Get an Alternative View of Terrain Data

LuciadFusion’s terrain processing capabilities include the evaluation of terrain elevation data. Hypsometric calculations take elevation data as input, and return results that allow you to gain detailed insight into the features of the terrain. LuciadFusion’s terrain analysis engine can also calculate line-of-sight (LOS) coverage from a central location to its surrounding environment. In the resulting image, the surrounding area is styled according to the visibility of an object in the LOS area from the central location.

Why Choose LuciadFusion?

These are just a few reasons users have turned to LuciadFusion for their geospatial data challenges:

  • Quickly publish large amounts of geospatial data in OGC standard formats with just a few clicks.
  • Eliminate publication delays, even when receiving new images every hour.
  • Share ECDIS Maritime data without hassle using OGC Services.
  • Visualize weather data with temporal information and quickly browse changing weather conditions through time.
  • Display critical elevation data in high resolution 3D.
  • Share multi-gigabyte shapefiles as WMS without rasterizing them before publishing.
  • Bring line of sight calculations to a web-based application. 

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