LuciadLightspeed: Advanced Geospatial Analytics Desktop and On-board Applications

Luciad software

LuciadLightspeed provides the foundation for advanced geospatial analytics applications. It allows users to create high performance command & control and location intelligence applications with clean design implementation and rapid application development.

Major international companies and organizations, Systems Integrators, and Original Equipment Manufacturers use LuciadLightspeed to rapidly develop geospatial situational awareness applications for mission- and business-critical operations.

Thanks to its modular, open architecture and meticulous adherence to industry standards, LuciadLightspeed is the preferred technology for enterprise-wide geospatial situational awareness.

LuciadLightspeed's many software components and connectors allow users to fuse, visualize, and analyze geospatial data. This can include static and moving data, maps, satellite imagery, crowd-sourced data, full motion video, weather data, and terrain elevation in many different geodetic references and map projections. Geo-fencing, line-of-sight calculations, geo-triggered events, dynamic and complex route calculations, and automated anomaly detection are just a mouse click away. Benchmark tests by academia and industry have found LuciadLightspeed to be more than 100 times faster and more accurate than traditional GIS software.

Accurate, High Performance Results

Thanks to LuciadLightspeed's optimized use of GPU, you can visualize large volumes of tracks of any type of asset - from troops, ships, trucks, and planes, to individuals or RFID-tagged pallets or goods –  instantly, at 60 frames per second. LuciadLightspeed allows for on-the-fly combination of any data with accurate geospatial transformations and can perform advanced functions including real-time video draping, immediate line-of-sight analysis, and dynamic density calculations. All of this is possible in 2D and 3D in one single application with one single view, with no pre-processing or intermediate geo-database required and with all data remaining in its original location and format.

Visual Analytics for Intuitive Answers

LuciadLightspeed equips developers with advanced tools for spatio-temporal visual analytics. These tools will help you get fast answers from your geospatial datasets, however large they may be. Sort through massive georeferenced data sets, thanks to label clustering. Inspect and analyze map content through layer portholes, and visualize your radar coverage as 3-D volumes with a dedicated arc band shape.

Accelerate Your Application Design with Lucy

LuciadLightspeed's Lucy component gives you a head start on your application design. As a full-fledged geospatial application, it provides easy access to the capabilities of LuciadLightspeed. At its most basic level, Lucy assists you with the visualization of geospatial data by giving the LuciadLightspeed development environment a graphical user interface. Lucy realizes its full potential, however, by serving as a springboard for your own application: simply plug into Lucy’s modular framework, and build an instantly functional geospatial application that integrates all of LuciadLightspeed’s powerful features while meeting all of your development project requirements.

Why Choose Luciad Portfolio's Desktop and On-board Solution?

Our users have built LuciadLightspeed solutions that:

  • Provide control room staff with a Common Operational Picture.
  • Keep users informed via shared tactical plans in NVG format, visualized with appropriate military symbology.
  • Analyze complex airspaces delivered as AIXM data using 3D visualization.
  • Create a certified Recognized Air Picture.
  • Correctly represent data for the polar regions.
  • Explore Twitter feeds for trend analysis and security of big events.
  • Detect patterns in traffic and be alerted to unexpected behavior.
  • Explore data in 4D, represented geographically as time series as well as plot views.

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