LuciadMobile: Geospatial Intelligence in the Field


LuciadMobile takes the power of geospatial intelligence out of the office and into the field; from the frontline onto the streets. LuciadMobile empowers users to create flexible applications for Android devices.

LuciadMobile offers powerful capabilities to access, update, and send information and intelligence from the field back to associated command and control or management systems. LuciadMobile ensures a smooth transition between online and offline operations, maintaining full access to all LuciadMobile capabilities and geospatial data, even in disconnected mode.

LuciadMobile is designed for optimal usage in the field. It includes deep integration with Android OS, providing access to the multiple functions of the device, such as camera, compass, and GPS. Its small software footprint runs efficiently on mobile hardware resources and provides controllable battery usage.

Mobile Terrain Analysis - Online and Offline

LuciadMobile is optimized for use in the field, which ensures that users can move smoothly between online and offline operations. In disconnected mode, users have full access to all of LuciadMobile's capabilities, including their geospatial data.

Fast and Effective Decision Making with an Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Interact with the view using well-known touchscreen gestures such as pinching, tapping, long-pressing, and dragging. LuciadMobile's ready-to-use controller functionality includes standard controls (zoom, pan, select), freehand drawing, editing, and rotation. You can easily create other controllers for custom interaction.  

Why Choose Luciad Portfolio's Mobile Solution?

These are just a few of the reasons why users turn to LuciadMobile for their geospatial data challenges:

  • Intuitive touch-based access to applications.
  • Works standalone in disconnected environments.
  • Visibility calculations work even when disconnected.
  • Easily prepare mission data and then transfer data packages to mobile devices.
  • Integrate device peripherals like compass and camera into situational awareness applications.
  • Supports defense symbology, including MIL-STD-2525 and APP-6, in an Android-based solution.

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