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Hexagon Smart M.App is a simple to navigate platform any organization or freelance developer can use to build lightweight and dynamic applications targeted to solve a specific problem. It combines content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to transform data into a smart digital reality. The primary focus of a Hexagon Smart M.App is to present users with analytical views of what was, what is, what could be, what should be, and ultimately, what will be.

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Create a dynamic geospatial information experience for your customers.

What is a Smart M.App?

Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic describes the four key ingredients that make up a Hexagon Smart M.App.

Streamline Decision Making

See how Hexagon Smart M.Apps provide a new form for envisioning dynamic geographic information to enable smarter decision making.

Communicating Location-Based Information

Explore a variety of different Hexagon Smart M.App use cases built with the Analyzer Suite.

What Makes Us Unique

Not Your Grandfather’s Map

The Hexagon Smart M.App is not your ordinary static map – it’s analytical services portrayed over a map.

Content Access is Different

Direct access to content from an independent site, or interactively upload your data to M.App Chest, our online content hosting and delivery service.

Dynamic Geoprocessing

In M.App Studio, you can easily create your own dynamic geoprocessing services within a web browser. The process is quick, seamless and streamlined.

More Resources

M.App Content

Hexagon Geospatial partners with content providers to address your data needs.

M.App Studio

M.App Studio is an interactive, web-based workroom for designing, building and publishing Hexagon Smart M.Apps. It’s where all Smart M.Apps start.

M.App Exchange

Visit the M.App Exchange, the Smart M.App Storefront.

M.App Enterprise

Provide and share your own Smart M.Apps and enable your organization to dynamically address their location-based challenges.

M.App X

M.App X is an enterprise solution for System Integrators that provides tools for the exploitation of imagery and the creation of intelligence and reports.


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