Mobile Alert: Cloud-Based Citizen Crowdsourcing

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Mobile Alert: Crowdsourcing Incidents

Engaging citizens to provide information helps resource-thin public works agencies by providing them with a reliable, cost-effective source of actionable information. While cities benefit from crowdsourcing to help catalog incidents, the citizens gain a way to actively contribute to their community. Citizens are great data collectors, since their GPS-enabled smartphone can accurately generate a reference location within 5-10 meters.

Smart Cities demand open innovation and e-participation with citizens. Mobile Alert mobile application and its companion Mobile Alert Smart M.Apps empower governmental leaders to utilize cloud technology across the whole process, from data gathering to communicating analysis for smart, efficient management decisions. Governments improve the collective intelligence of the city’s institutions, improve transparency across departments, and demonstrate commitment to citizen participation and co-design.

What is Mobile Alert?

Mobile Alert is a cloud-based service that empowers mobile users to provide crowdsourced location information to subscribing organizations such as local governments or utilities.

Anyone can use Mobile Alert for free to send information about their communities to authorities. Local government agencies and utility companies subscribe to receive the crowdsourced information by email or through the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) web service.

What Kinds of Information Can Citizens Provide?

Your needs are unique to your organization and any solution needs to be easily adaptable. With up to 30 customizable categories for submitting information, organizations can crowdsource data across multiple departments.

Mobile Alert: Easy to use mobile app for citizen crowdsourcing.

Incident Reporting

Mobile Alert is ideal for incident reporting. Concerned citizens can register issues involving anything from graffiti and illegal trash dumping to road problems such as potholes, burned-out street lights, or broken signage.

Engaged citizens can either remain anonymous or they can opt in to receive updates. Opting in allows the subscribing organizations to provide status updates or to request additional information about the reported incidents.

Within seconds of being reported, incident notifications are directed to appropriate personnel in the subscribing organization. Powerful Smart M.App portals connected to the organization’s other geospatial data to analyze reported incidents.

Other Uses for the Service

Mobile Alert can be used to meet many needs while engaging citizens in the process. In one example, representatives of a city or municipality ask citizens to provide the best imagery of their municipality, significantly increasing its amount of proprietary imagery of the area’s infrastructure.

In another, citizens might be encouraged to report nuisances, such as after-hours fireworks. The municipality gets help with reporting while keeping public safety officers focused on more vital issues.

Is It Easy to Use?

Hexagon Geospatial provides a total cloud-hosted solution, that requires no IT knowledge to get started. We provide the  hosting environment, processing logic, and downloadable application. Citizens simply download the app for and start reporting. This straightforward app makes it easy for people to:

  • Take a photo of an area
  • Choose an appropriate category
  • Write an optional comment
  • Enter location (if GPS accuracy is poor, Bing Maps can be used to pinpoint location)
  • Optionally, provide contact information for authorities to follow-up

Viewing and Analyzing Incidents with Mobile Alert Viewer

Mobile Alert Viewer lets you view and analyze all of the crowdsourced incidents.

Understanding historical and emerging patterns is vital to Smart Government. The Mobile Alert Viewer Smart M.App pinpoints real-time incident reports on a map for the subscribing organization. Selecting an incident displays details such as incident type, identifier, address, and comments. Interactive charts also present incidents per month and categorically filtered occurrences.

You can also share reports from Mobile Alert Viewer with citizens, colleagues, and stakeholders by exporting data to a CSV file and then opening it in a spreadsheet program.

Customize Your App with Mobile Alert Configurator

Mobile Alert Configurator Smart M.App lets subscribing organizations define areas of interest, categories, email notifications and more. All of this is done in four easy steps with no GIS or IT knowledge required, and the configuration can be updated at any time. Mobile Alert Configurator is provided as part of the Mobile Alert Bundles.

Crowdsourcing Made Easy

Mobile Alert enables community members to quickly and easily assist government agencies and improve their own communities, all while aiding in the evolution of a Smart City. Also, since Mobile Alert is a fully-hosted solution for subscribing customers, all installation, software upgrades, support, and maintenance of the system are done by Hexagon Geospatial, removing any IT strain on organizations.


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Using Mobile Alert is Easy!

From configuring to reporting to viewing and analysis, see how Mobile Alert helps crowdsource your incident reporting.

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From configuring to reporting to viewing and analysis, see how Mobile Alert helps crowdsource your incident reporting.

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