ERDAS IMAGINE is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

Consolidated Workflow

Integrates multiple geospatial technologies, intuitively guiding a user through their experience with powerful tools and functionality.

Smarter Processing

Easily create informative data analysis, including Python scripting, export to OGC WPS, and custom modelling commands.

Dynamic Modeling

Robust multi-core and distributed batch processing for almost any job.

Geospatial Arena Harnesses Power of Machine Learning

Machine and Deep Learning algorithms that can be trained to automatically analyze massive amounts of data are improving geospatial workflows and advancing image processing.

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to maximize your potential in ERDAS IMAGINE by employing efficient workflows and strategies that will increase your productivity.

New Features in ERDAS IMAGINE 2020

Improved Image Performance, Mosaicing, and Contrast

Statewide Tree Canopy Extraction from NAIP

Using Spatial Modeler to extract tree canopy cover from NAIP imagery.

New to Remote Sensing?

Use ERDAS IMAGINE to get certified in remote sensing with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs' new online Remote Sensing Portal.


Extend ERDAS IMAGINE functionality through customization, support for SAR interferometry, 3D, NITF, DEM, Stereo, Registration, and expanding processing power.


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