M.App X

Easy to Manage

Unified and centralized software management reduces administrative costs for Defense agencies and solves the problem of inconsistent software versions.

Faster Rasters and Vectors

Using the most advanced web technologies, the M.App X environment delivers desktop-like performance and real-life visualizations.

Disseminate and Share Quickly

Because M.App X is cloud-based, people in the field and decision makers have instant access to the latest information, sharing the same view.

Intelligence at your Fingertips

Run exploitation services over multi-source content to enable measurement and analysis of terrain conditions. Examine an area of interest to see what has changed over a period of time, annotate what has changed, and create a report to share the results.

Cloud-Based Exploitation for Defense and Intelligence

Hear about key global geospatial intelligence trends and how defense and intelligence organizations are successfully migrating from a desktop-centric to a cloud-based model.

Image Exploitation in the Cloud

Watch as Hexagon Geospatial Chief Technology Officer Brad Skelton explains and demonstrates typical Image Analyst tasks performed in M.App X.

What Makes M.App X Different

A revolutionary approach to visual programming, spatial modeling gives near-immediate feedback and previews for analyzing spatial data while involving location.

Single Information Environment

Learn how Hexagon Geospatial cloud-based defense solutions are bringing geospatial intelligence to the cloud.

Defense & Intelligence

The understanding of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and information is a key enabler of Battlespace Situational Awareness for military forces.  As new intelligence,...

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