Mobile Alert - 2016 Product Release Details

Mobile Alert is a field reporting and citizen engagement app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It is a hosted solution managed by Hexagon Geospatial. The client app is a free download from the respective app stores. Users can use smartphones to take pictures and categorize incidents for reporting to subscribing organizations, thus extending the reach of local governments and public works departments.

2016 release updates include:

  • Opt-in functionality engages citizens with their reported incidents. Subscribing organizations can update submitters with the status or request additional information on reported incidents.
  • Use Bing Maps to pinpoint observed incidents in hard-to-reach locations.
  • The addition of Geospatial and Consumer portals now allows subscribing organizations to perform geospatial analysis on their reported incidents, incorporating other available geospatial data.

Mobile SDK is a rich toolkit for developers to create GIS touch-friendly mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The SDK extends the Mobile MapWorks product by allowing developers to create and brand their own geospatial and location-based apps.

2016 release updates include:

  • Build your own unique mobile apps that have functionalities included in Mobile MapWorks, such as offline vector caching.
  • Brand your own apps to your specifications by changing logo, color scheme for screens, text, and icons.
  • Access your WebGIS Consumer Portal with a mobile app via QR code or URL.

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