M.App X

Cloud-Deployable Image Intelligence

M.App X Overview


M.App X Can Provide Geospatial Solutions to Your Organization.

M.App X is a cloud-deployable enterprise solution fostering geospatial tradecraft creation, common usage, and secure sharing of the latest intel, making up-to-date information accessible and reusable.

Easy to Manage

  • Unified and centralized software management reduces administrative costs for Defense agencies and solves the problem of inconsistent software versions.

Faster Rasters and Vectors

  • Using the most advanced web technology, the M.App X environment delivers desktop-like performance and real-life visualizations.

Disseminate and Share Quickly

  • Because M.App X is cloud-based, people in the field and decision makers have instant access to the latest information, sharing the same view.

M.App X Capabilities