HxGN Smart Census

What is HxGN Smart Census?

A fully integrated digital system that manages all tasks, posts, and roles during census taking.

Implementing a Smart Census

Digital technology helps to transform, streamline, and democratize the entire census workflow.

See HxGN Smart Census in Action

Product Line Director Markus Holler introduces HxGN Smart Census.

Democratizing the Census Process

Statistics South Africa teamed up with Geospace International and Hexagon Geospatial to digitalize the entire census process.

Scalable Digital Census Planning

Read How Statistics Botswana is Making the Leap from Paper to Digital.

Customer Testimonial

Hear from Statistics South Africa and Statistics Botswana how HxGN Smart Census has changed their census process.

Smart Census, Smart Nation

Learn more about the importance of national statistics and improving outdated census processes.

Pricing Information

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