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Luciad Portfolio

Luciad Portfolio

The Luciad Portfolio empower users to unlock the power of advanced geospatial analytics, providing real-time situational awareness that the modern world demands.  The Luciad Developer Platform is a dedicated portal for Luciad software developers. The platform is home to developer guides, code snippets, technical articles and more. 

Luciad Developer Platform

mapp portfolio

M.App Portfolio®

M.App Portfolio is a cloud-based geospatial platform that can be used to design, build and host Hexagon Smart M.Apps. Hexagon Smart M.Apps are dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data, and available in the form of a simple app. Smart M.Apps are supported by M.App Content, which provides secure data storage and distribution, and M.App Tools, such as viewers and editors.

Hexagon Smart M.App®
M.App Content
M.App Tools
M.App Enterprise®
M.App X®
Mobile Alert

Hexagon Geospatial Producer Suite

Producer Suite®

Producer Suite empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data, and ultimately deliver usable information. This includes Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings.

Erdas Imagine®
Geomedia® Add-ons
ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS®
Producer Field Guide
Hexagon Geospatial Provider Suite

Provider Suite®

Provider Suite gives you the power to organize all of your geospatial and business data into one centralized library, and deliver it to others easily. Plus, powerful compression technology optimizes disk space requirements and ultimately reduces your total cost of ownership.

Erdas Apollo
ECW for ArcGIS ® Server
ECW Plugin for AutoCAD
Hexagon Geospatial Platform Suite

Platform Suite®

Platform Suite enables you to deliver information through a web, mobile, or smart solution. Build and extend customized geospatial apps and solutions with a sophisticated set of developer-focused technologies.


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