Navigating to Business Success with Google Maps Platform

Google Maps. Everyone uses it, but do you know that Google Maps is also a powerful tool for transforming your business in the time of COVID-19? With Google Maps Platform, you can leverage the strengths of Maps, Routes, and Places to benefit your customers and operations despite challenges. For example:

  • Your hours of operation may fluctuate, but you can keep customers well informed of changes, with the latest updates visible to anyone searching Google.
  • You can help customers easily navigate e-commerce, from finding information about your business to reducing the number of steps required to complete transactions to confirming that delivery addresses are accurate.
  • You can ensure that deliveries are efficient and arrive on time, from tracking assets to routing shipments to optimizing performance and fuel usage.

Watch our webinar to learn more about these and other applications, including how you can easily deploy and optimize Google Maps for your business. Google Maps Platform can provide the foundational content and capabilities to navigate your business to succeed despite any challenges.